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SPRO-Freelancer is online !

Hello all,

I'm Alexandre Giusti, freelance SAP consultant. It had been some time since I had in mind to create a platform that would allow independent SAP consultants to come together and have better visibility of the opened assignment offers.

The time during the lockdown linked to the COVID19 crisis allowed me to put my hands a little in the code to create: SPRO-Freelancer. Being myself SAP freelancer, the idea is to have a 100% free platform where consultants will be able to put themselves in visibility when they are available and to group the offers that we find today in a scattered way on different channels: End customers, SAP recruitment specialists, ESN, General job advertisement websites.


It is out of the question for SPRO-Freelancer to play the role of contractual intermediary and to charge a commission on your assignments. The objective is only to facilitate the connection between business introducers and independent SAP consultants.


All SAP freelancer recruiters can post unlimited their SAP jobs for free on this plateform. All available SAP freelancers with the right skills will be notified by email.

Features of SPRO-Freelancer

SPRO-Freelancer allows freelance consultants to:

  • Publish their consultant profile with an availability indicator automatically updated in the event of inactivity (so as not to be asked unnecessarily).
  • Consult the SAP mission offers published by the companies
  • Apply for job offers
  • Communicate with companies or other consultants via a messaging system

SPRO-Freelancer allows companies to:

  • Publish their company profile
  • Publish SAP assignment offers
  • Manage applications for published assignments
  • Communicate with consultants via a messaging system

I have other ideas for future features such as entering Timesheets or the possibility of creating invoices. If you are interested and want other functionalities you can request it via the contact form.

Good day to all,

Alexandre Giusti
Independent SAP FICO consultant and creator of