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Karanam Sreedhar : SAP "Controlling" Subject Matter Expert. SAP (S4 HANA & ECC ) CO module : with around 11 years of experience in 9 Implementations. Specialization in "Product Costing" "Material Ledger" and "CO-PA".

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About Me

o Total 17+ years of experience apart from around 11 years of "SAP CO Consultant" and 6 + years functional (Non-SAP)

I have 10 years and 9 months of experience in "SAP CO Product Costing, Material Ledger & CO-PA" and have worked in various industries, specializing in Steel, Cement, Engineering, Chemicals, Foundries and Pharmaceutical.
Experience and Expertise in Around 20 + Product Costing Scenarios and 8 Material Ledger Scenarios.

o 9 Implementation & 13 support projects experience in SAP ECC & S4/HANA CO Product Costing, Material Ledger & COPA, Cost center, Profit Center, Internal Order accounting

o Experience in ECC and S4 HANA 1610, 1809 and 1909 on premise.

Industry Sectors: Cement, Pharma, Steel, Engineering, Chemicals, Foundries and Mining.


o Master of Business Administration (M.B.A) in Finance from Sri Venkateswara University, 2003.
o Trained SAP CO Course from Authorized training center ATOS Earlier Siemens.
o SAP S4 HANA 1909 CO Certified – S0021980059.
o SAP CO ECC 6.0 Certified - S0009183012.
o Ph.D Pursuing: Research Topic : "Product Costing Techniques and Variance Analysis".

and Based on my hands on experience Published "Product Costing , COPA and Material Ledger Scenarios" in UDEMY.

And Youtube 


Technical (ERP) Skills:

Experience in SAP CO-Material Ledger:

o Multiple Currencies: Company Code Currency, Group Currency and Hard Currency
o Multiple Valuations: Legal Valuation, Group Valuation and Profit Center Valuation
o Transfer pricing: Material (RM) to Material (SFG or FG)
o Transfer pricing: Plant to Plant
o Combination of Multiple currencies and Multiple valuations
o Work in process Functionalities to Actual Costing
o Revaluation of Consumption Functionalities for Non Production Activities.
o Distribution Usage Variances
o Material: Physical Inventory Count Process
o Activity: Actual Activities Distribution Process
o Material Ledger with CO-PA
o Alternative Valuation Run (AVR)
o Cumulative Material Ledger Run for Seasonal Price variances
o Material Ledger run with IFRS and Local GAAP for different accounting principles.
o Parallel Valuation of Cost of Goods Manufactured
o Transfer Depreciation from Asset Accounting to Controlling
o Transfer Closing Entries from the Material Ledger to Controlling
o Define Alternative Accounts for Material Ledger Postings
o Debiting or Crediting Materials and Changing Actual Cost Component Split Values
o Value Flow Monitor-Calculation/Analysis of Not Distributed and Not Allocated Concept
o Closing Accounting Entries of Material Ledger.

Experience in SAP CO-Product Costing:

Product costing scenarios
o Product costing by order (Make to Stock)
o Product costing with PP Manufacturing order
o Product costing with CO production order
o Product costing by Sales order (Make to Order)-both Strategy Group and Item Categories wise
o Product costing without sales controlling vaulted stock
o Product costing with Sales order controlling vaulted stock
o Product costing with sales order controlling non-vaulted stock
o Product costing by period.
o Repetitive manufacturing without reporting points consideration
o Repetitive manufacturing with reporting points consideration.
o Decoupling scenario (Integration of PP-Manufacturing order & Product cost collector).
o Joint Production Process
o CO-Product costing process
o By Product Costing Process
o Mixed Costing process- Split Valuation
o For Raw materials with multiple purchasing procedure (Procurement)
o For Semi Finished materials both process as Purchasing and Manufacturing process.
o For Finished materials with multiple manufacturing lines process.
o Sub-Contracting Material Product costing process
o External Operations Process Product costing process
o Cross plants –Special Procurement product costing.
o Scrap Costing: Assembly scrap, Component scrap and Operation Scrap.
o Additives cost estimation.

Experience in SAP CO-PA.

o Operating concern design.
o Expertise in designee of Sales & Operations Planning (SOP) forecasting tool with which sales, production,
and other supply chain targets can be set based on historical, existing, and estimated future data.
o Used SOP to streamline and consolidate of company’s sales and production operations.
o Used SOP to streamline Activity types which will used in production and consolidate of company’s
production operations.
o Mapping Value fields to get the data into COPA.
o Standard costing and Actual Costing /Material Ledger to CO-PA
o Data flow to COPA
o Report painter designing and Profitability segment designing.
o COGS Split accounting
o Price Diff Split accounting
o COPA derivation and COPA Realignment

Experience in Cost Center Accounting.

o Cost center hierarchy designing as per the client requirements.
o Overhead Cost allocations (assessment/distribution) mapping.
o Actual activity cost Splitting structure mapping.
o Template allocation process mapping.
o Costing sheet mapping
o Actual activity rate calculation.

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