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ERP Consultant /MES Reseller Partnership Opportunity/Commission

Looking for someone or some agency locally who is specialized in ERP consulting to:

1. partner with us for joint erp consulting.
2.to potentially also lead local regional reselling efforts of an MES solution (manufacturing execution system).

For the 1st part which is ERP consulting, this would be to provide consulting services in australia region.

For the 2nd part which is the MES solution.

There would be two types of resellers: type one which is you'll mainly assist with local implementation etc where we'll provide the leads however in that case the lead generation portion would be limited to those provided by us, the 2nd type would be that you'll also be able to generated leads and resell the software.

Here's a list of the basic list of key points as a local MES consulting partner:

Be able to joint sell the solution to the customer
Talk with customer to understand customer requirements
Relay requirements and key information back to Us
We’ll provide a solution/software package to deploy for customer
If we are able to deploy remotely then we can deploy directly
If not then maybe you will handle deploying the solution (we’ll provide tutorials and videos on how to do it) (Optional)
You may assist with the configuration of software if needed. (Optional)
You represent Us while talking with customer.

Other things:

You may need to periodically install new versions of our MES solution to customers
You may need to assist customer with getting used to using the MES solution/along with training etc.
This also involves understanding customer’s ERP solutions etc, hence there is a lot of back and forth, collecting customer requirements and relaying it back to us, so we could provide changes and upgrades in the MES solution, so you can deploy back to customer site to collect new feedback, this continues throughout the project lifecycle.

Usually for this type of partnership:

There would be a commission for the software package itself, and you'll be able to charge customers consulting fees if you are able to independently provide consulting, a lot of the times a joint consulting approach is achievable too.

Lastly we'll show you a quick demo of the MES solution too.